It’s All About the Memories

Trips end but memories are forever…

When you travel, you make and capture a lot of memories, but how do you make them last forever? Do you have a treasure chest where you store your keepsakes and mementos, or do you have a unique way to preserve your memory?

Here we will share 4 unique ideas that will help you treasure your memories forever.

Handmade Postcard Book

Postcards are great way to preserve memories, as they bring back memories every time you look at them, which could be for years to come. But here is a suggestion to make the memory extra special –on the postcard write down what was special about that day, an incident or a conversation you want to remember, in fact you can write anything you want to remember. Then mail the postcard to yourself (most hotels have mail service). This way when you get home you have your postcards waiting for you. Once all the postcards are received, place your favorite photo from this vacation on top, punch holes on the side and weave a ribbon through it.

If store bought postcards are too generic for you, and you would like something more unique – download the Daily Postcard app from the app store of your smart phone. This app lets you create your own unique postcard, which you print, write your special daily message and mail it to yourself, so a gift awaits you when you return home.

Destination Treasure Box

A Destination Treasure Box can be private or shared with everyone. For those who prefer a private box, take a shoe or wooden box and cover it with the map of the place you visited or color the box a color of your choice. Place your favorite picture with the dates of the trip on the side of the box and fill it with all your mementos – you can add everything from ticket stubs to tacky souvenirs and even quirky keychains, your itinerary and of course your photographs from the trip.

To share your memories with everyone, buy a shadow box with a glass cover, use it as a frame – frame your favorite picture, then add your special mementos like shells or sand, ticket stubs, souvenirs, bottle caps from the special wine you had during your vacation or anything else you fancy, display the shadow box for all to share in your memories.

Things You Can Add To Your Box:

  • Tiny rocks
  • Seashells 
  • Dried flowers
  • Napkins with restaurant names on them (or matches)
  • Boarding passes
  • Show tickets
  • Coins
  • Bracelet
  • Maps
  • Mugs
  • Patches
  • Food – Chocolate, Spices, Salt etc.

Travel Journal

If you like details and enjoy reading the details of a memory, then a Travel journal is the way to go. Write the Travel Journal every day, so memories are pure. A few points to consider before you write is; who is going to see the journal, this will influence what you add to the journal. Avoid listing mundane things, but adding your itinerary is a good idea. Make the journal factual but creative by using all your sense and using dialogue. Add the date and time for each new memory recorded, remember memories do not have to be in chronological order. You can also turn your journal into a scrapbook by adding ticket stubs, trinkets and other items you value. Write about anything that interests you, it is your journal. Above all have fun with it, the journal should bring a smile to your face when you read it.

If you and your friend, sibling or travel buddy all write journals and have visited the same place, either separately or together comparing notes to share memories in another fun activity you can share.

Travel Map

Create a Travel Map with a ready to use travel map. To use, scratch the destination country and add the push pin. If you would like to add more details you can create a photo map – the outline of the map is given, and you fill in each country with pictures from the place you visited. But as with everything there is an app giving you a creative option; a site called Worldee (subscription required) but you can save your memory for a lifetime and revisit as many times as you want – this app lets you add the following to the map:

  • Start with your trip
  • Add the basics
  • Add a video
  • Upload pictures
  • Publish Trip.

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