Let some of our favorite destinations

Inspire You


Explore the birthplace of the Renaissance in Florence, step back into ancient antiquity in Rome, sip vino in Tuscany, and simply fulfill your dreams of living “La Dolce Vita” everywhere in between.

We will take you on an unforgettable Italian sojourn; come say Ciao!

The boot-shaped Mediterranean country of Italy lures many travelers with its priceless cultural riches.


From golden beaches to vibrant medieval cities, sultry Flamenco dances to dramatic natural landscapes, Michelin-star restaurants to fragrant artisan
markets, Spain has it all.

We will show the best of this warm and welcoming country; come say Hola!

The magic of Spain beckons for an adventure of a lifetime, where the sun shines 300 days a year.


Explore the luxurious, yacht-filled French Riviera, sip champagne in Champagne, and be captivated by the iconic landmarks and chic style of Paris.

Chateaux, vineyards, and that distinctly French patina of romance await you; come say Bonjour! 

France has that certain je ne sais quoi, and you are invited to live it for yourself.


Relive the history of three empires as you wander through magnificent classical ruins, chaotic and colorful winding bazaars, and the spectacular sights along Turkey’s stunning deep blue coast.

Come say Merhaba!

Let the vibrancy of dynamic Turkey enchant you as you discover the crossroads of the world.


You’ll find vast skies to stargaze, bushman paint and
tribal dances for a taste of African culture, and game drives and helicopter safaris across the windswept savannah for the adventurer.

Come say Sawubona!

Few places on earth offer as much as Africa does, a fairytale continent that spellbinds its lucky visitors.


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